Hi future Lovelies! We love our members, and would be absolutely thrilled for you to swap buttons with us! I have two button grab boxes on our main page, as well as below. You can choose from, the Prayerful Blogger button, and the Prayerful Blogger Member button. Either one would be great!

To accomplish this swap, I will need you to grab our code, and put it on your sidebar. Then, please submit your button (250x250 size) through email to  I will take your button and put it on our side bar. That's it! Simple, right? I think so!

I can't wait to work with you guys! And, if you're new here, please take a moment to fill out the Join Us form so you can be a member of this amazing group and have your button on our sidebar as well!

Prayerful Bloggers
Prayerful Bloggers
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