A Moment in Time

written by: Makeda 

There are times in life when things seem to go so fast that you can't keep up.

There are times when it seems like life has taken you by surprise and there isn't anything to do but trust the One that knows it all.

I know this feeling all too well. There have been times in my life where I could barely comprehend the shifting and changes that were taking place. Yet, there have been other times when I believe that I know exactly what is going on.

Still this hasn't been one of those times.

In the past four weeks, I've gotten news that my grandmother and great grandmother passed away. The other two out of the four weeks, were filled with emotions and funerals. In this time, I questioned God about my own life.

I wondered how long I would live and what He had purposed for me to do on every level that I could fathom. I cried and laughed, knowing that life is but a breath.

I've looked at some of the choices in my life, as we all must at times, and realized that although I have made a few bad choices, I've also made a lot of good ones.

I've worried about my kids, my parents, my spouse, and my friends. I wondered if, when it was all said and done, when my life was at its end, would He say that I had lived a life of abundance...that I honored Him.

I also had moments when I prayed for rest and peace as I realized some of my greatest fears and attempted to conquer them.

Most of all, I determined that I would be great and that no matter what I did, I would make sure that I believed.

I would trust in the Word of God and know Jesus had really paid the price for me. I renewed my faith and assured myself that God is on my side. (Psalm 103)

I reminded myself that God is not mad at me. When I am tempted, I have not yet sinned, but have only been tempted and that's ok. I reminded myself that it is alright to have the struggles that all men and women tend to have in this life. I gave myself permission to be weak and not to know it all. I told myself that it was ok to fall down sometimes because that meant that I would learn how to get up and know what not to do.

This past few weeks of mourning has been filled with a new discovery of who these two wonderful women are and what the legacy is that they left to me. I have the faith of my grandmothers (2 Timothy 1:5). This faith helps me to believe the word of God and to trust Him.

I know that no matter what, He is able to do so much more with my life than I could ever do on my own. He will fill me to overflowing and when my story is over, I will look back and see his hand holding me the entire time. Nothing that I could ever imagine is beyond Him (Ephesians 3:20). This gives me great hope...and for the first time in my life, I am not afraid. I am confident, knowing that there is no reason to fear or doubt because God is with me.


  1. Makeda, this is so beautiful, honest, and open. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. I am praying for you during your time of mourning.

  2. Makeda, thank you for sharing. I know loss way too well. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


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