A Need for Healing

Written by Makeda 

We see it all the time.
If we don't see it, we feel it.
The need for healing.

There are times when we know that healing will come.

Then there are times when we wonder how long it will take for the healing to arrive.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have dealt with death.  As if that wasn't enough for me I began to deal with an issue of my own healing.  I never thought that I would know what it feels like to be in such a place in my life, where I am asking God questions about both my life and the lives of those that I care about in this way.
In the midst of all of my emotions, I have had to remind myself that God heals.

No matter how I feel or what the doctor says, I have to remember that it is by Jesus stripes that we are healed.(Isaiah 53:5)

This is what I've had to do over and over again this past week.

I've told myself that no matter what it is that I am going through, I will be encouraged and find a way to encourage others.  When I doubted, I searched the word.  When I worried, I searched the word.  When I didn't know what to do, say, or how to feel, I searched the word.

As I searched the word, I wrote the scriptures that spoke to my heart in my journal.  They were the pieces of buried treasure that I had found.  Each time that I found a new treasure, I felt God strengthening me.

I believe that the word of God makes me strong.

It can do the same thing for you.

When you are lost, look for the words of God that will change your heart and your situation.

I had to pray and listen for the words that would bring about a change in me.

I don't know exactly what will come my way, but I look forward to the gifts of God that I know I will receive as I walk this walk of faith.


  1. God's words are so powerful... & so individual. Hearing & reading His words can touch each heart individually... Praying they touch yours today in a new way that brings you closer to that healing!

  2. Exactly! God heals. No matter what He's got planned for you, He is also your exit strategy. I like to think of it as laser tag. I don't care how many bullets the enemy fires at me, God is my "team mate" and he will defend me and lead me out of the arena a winner!


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