Do you struggle with compassion?

I have a confession, sometimes, I have little compassion for people. Sometimes, as in 20% of the time, I'm not as compassionate as I should be.   I know I should be more sensitive, and pick up on things that they may need comforting on, but sometimes it's just hard! The bible tells us that...
Matthew 9:36 When he saw the crowds,  he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless,  like sheep without a shepherd.

... So, we should be compassionate for others, pretty much no matter the circumstances, just like Jesus was for us.  I know that it's my own hang ups that cause this lack of compassion. It is the touchy subjects in my own life and my own heart that sort of builds a wall around my heart at the very mention of the touchy subject. I know, selfish right? If someone is coming to me, the last thing I want is to not give them my whole heart and help them any way I can. I suppose I can chalk it up to being human, but at what point does that excuse expire? I say it expires here and now. I say that if the Lord as brought these folks in my life, and to me, wanting comfort, who am I to deny them?  Am I right? 

So, I've decided to memorize these scriptures to make sure that my ears, heart, and doors (or email) will be open for any of my brothers and sisters who need a good chat. 

Your turn: Do you ever struggle to have compassion for others? What are some ways you really "plug in" to others and help them? Comment below!

-Jessy H. 


  1. Sometimes I struggle with compassion, too. I don't know why, but in certain situations I have zero compassion even though I should. This is a great post Jessy. I am a very giving/helping person (in my own opinion of course), but there are definitely situations where I just walk away.

  2. Yes! This is me - I TOTALLY fall in this category. I want to be as compassionate as Jesus is, but struggle with that a lot. This is a great post Jessy! xoxo


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