How God Is Using My Marriage To Change Me

My husband and I will be married a year next month. I have often praised God for providing me with such a kind and loving companion. But lately, I am thankful for how God is using my marriage to change me.

Since getting married, I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned that I am impatient. I have learned that I can be passive aggressive. I have trouble forgiving and accepting forgiveness. I can be selfish. I knew before I was married that I wasn’t perfect, but marriage has made me realize how flawed I truly am.

In order to love my husband fully the way God has called me to, I need to learn to grow in those areas in which I find myself falling short. I believe this is one of the reasons God designed marriage. If I lived on my own and never interacted with someone else as intimately one does with a spouse, I may not have ever realized the depths of my own pride.

Each day I am learning to be more patient. I am learning to speak up with something hurts my feelings instead of holding it in and then saying something harsh later on. I am learning to forgive those who have hurt me and I’m starting to forgive myself for the hurt I have caused others. I’m taking the time to do little things that I don’t like to do because I know they will serve my husband better.

My prayer lately has been to be a better wife to my husband by loving him unconditionally. I pray to provide him with the support and respect that he needs throughout his day. I long to serve him in any way that he needs to be served to make his life happier, or easier, or to draw him closer to God. And God is using my marriage and that prayer to make me a better person.


  1. I totally relate to this. I am extremely selfish too in my marriage at times and have to remind myself to serve God and my husband instead of only my own wants. I know that I need to make more time to pray not just for people I know going through a struggle, but for my own marriage as well! Great reminder, Rebecca:)

    1. I am definitely learning it's important to pray to be a better wife. I am constantly asking God to show me what Zack needs from me today and to help me support him the best I can.


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