Are choosing blog sponsors like picking your friends?

We love our blogs. We care for them hours upon hours. We tenderly cultivate blogger friendships all over the US and world. We over analyze every teensy detail to make sure our little residence of the blogopshere accurately represents our personalities. And then, after blogging for a while, we come to the monumental question, do we need to jump into the sponsorship pool?

I stressed for a while about this question. I feel like it was time for my blog, and so I researched every post I could get my hands on about it. What exactly is sponsorships? How many spaces do I offer at a time? Do I need to charge actual money for them? Will anyone buy them?  It can be a tricky thing, my friends.

After a couple of months, I did get the hang of this whole concept. I loved building more connections and networking through other blogs. My problem became, is this person's blog going to mesh well with mine? And I'm not saying you need to reject every blogger asking for sponsorship that isn't like you. What I was questioning is this, I've built a nice little reader group. They like what I have to say. So, if I offer a sponsorship to someone who isn't like me, who won't write about the same things, will my readers be upset that I am boosting their exposure? Will my readers think I am a sell out?

The other way you could go about this is by reading the other person's blog. See if you would get along with them. I always ask myself, would I enjoy getting to know this person over the next month? After all, a sponsorship is a sort of business/friend relationship between two bloggers, at least for the month. In my mind, if I wouldn't be able to get along with the other blogger, then I politely decline their offer.

To answer my own question, are picking blog sponsors like picking your friends, I would say yes. Most of my very best blogger pals have become that way through us reaching out for sponsorships first.

Ultimately, it comes down to you. If you feel comfortable promoting this other blogger's post and content, then go forward with the sponsorship. If you don't, then politely decline, and move on.

Jessy H.


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