A Break

Over the past few weeks, I've been kinda hard on myself. I have made sure that I am taking time to rest and I am focusing in on the things that I need to get done, but there is still something that I'm not doing. 

I'm not giving myself a break. 

Well, I really enjoy reading, doing projects, blogging. I have had a lot going on and this causes my hobbies to take a back burner. I don't really like this idea, but I realize that I have to be realistic. For this reason, I have decided to give myself a break. 

I'm telling myself that it's ok.

I'm not going to be so hard on myself, especially when it comes to my hobbies and readings. I have to take care of my responsibilities and focus on the things that are most important right now. If I don't, I'll get side tracked. 

I have to be honest though...I would be really nice it I were able to read a 300 page book in one night, but I can't.   That means that I have to be kind to myself. Yes, there are tons of books that I want to read, but I will just have to plan my readings out. I also have to pray and hope that I will read my books in time. 

Today, I am really reminding myself that I am not perfect. Although I am striving for excellence and I want to be great, I am just a woman trying to be my best and asking God to let His glory be shown through me. 

It's not about how hard I can be on myself to get things done. I need to give myself a break and have faith that God's will, will be accomplished in my life. I will read what needs to be read. I will have time to enjoy my hobbies...until I make time for all of that I will take time to focus on my responsibilities an education. 

I will not be so hard on myself all of the time. I will give myself a break.

I want to encourage you to do the same thing. Look at your life. See if you are being too hard on yourself in some areas. Is the pressure necessary? Is there a way that you could be a little easier on yourself? How?  If you take the time to reflect as I am, I think you will find that you too, can give yourself a break. 


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