Adopting a soldier

I'm sure you've watched the news, and know that some of our brave men and women were deployed again. And I'm sure you're aware that the holiday season is fast approaching us. So, I've started putting together care packages for some of our troops filled with silly things such as rubber band shooter guns, harmonicas, and also things they can use like candy, (of course candy will be involved), cookies, coffee, and even a couple of toiletries. Why? Because my brother is over there again, and because of the fact that the last time our troops were over there, they had a base with little stores open where they could buy these things. Now? Not so much.

I know that not everyone can put in money or time to send a box of goodies over to a stranger. Christmas is fast approaching, I get it. But what about a card? Or letters, or maybe getting your kids to draw some pictures to mail to a soldier... would that be too much hassle?

I'm asking my readers, my friends, to email me if you'd like to donate a box of goodies for our troops, again, this could be snacks, toiletries, or the cards, letters of encouragement, and of course who doesn't love a drawing from a child? Whatever it may be, I know that there is a troop over there right now, wishing they were home for the holidays, and most of them are single soldiers who may not be getting a lot of mail, but need a little pick me up from his fellow Americans.

Please, comment below with your email if you'd like to join me in sending a little cheer across the miles. Consider this your good deed for the day, week, month or year.


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