5 ways to keep God in your Daily Life

In today's world, we are all so busy. Rushing from this event to that, grocery stores, kid's schedules, household chores, work, friends, family events... it gets overwhelming!

And sure, we may carve out a few precious minutes with God in the morning, or you may have your time at night. But, is that enough? I'm guilty of shooting up a quick prayer when things get hairy, "God, please let me find this place. I've been circling for minutes," and so on. 

However, is that truly enough for our Father in heaven? Sometimes I don't think it is. Deep down, I know I need to do more. 

So, I've come up with 5 tips to keep God in your Daily Life. 

1. Bring God into your little spaces- bathrooms with scripture on the walls | Cars with a cross on the rear view  | Work cubicles with scripture in picture frames | Kitchens with plaques of inspiration on them. Each time you see any reminder of God, offer up a quick prayer, or even a heartfelt "Thank you," to God. 

2. Buy a pocket bible. These little bibles fit wonderfully in your purse, briefcase, office desk drawer, wherever! When you have a moment or two of down time, say in a waiting room or in line somewhere, break it out and just flip to a page if nothing else. Read and savor every word and try to keep it in your mind throughout the day.

3. Plan and set aside more time with God than what you think you have. That way, if you can't have 3, 30 minute bible studies maybe you will make sure to fit in 2 because you feel bad about canceling the first one. 

4.  Put crosses (or other signs of your faith) everywhere. And I mean, EVERYWHERE! I've started to Sharpie crosses on my chapsticks, just little reminders every time I use the chapstick to shoot up a quick word or feeling to God. I use chapstick like nobodies business, so I send many shout outs to the heavens in a day. 

5. Find an accountability partner.  This can be your current BFF, this could be your Mom, Sister, Brother, a stranger at church, just someone that you commit to checking in regularly about your walk with God. You and your accountability partner can decide to do a bible study together, or just read the books of the bible together. Checking in with someone daily, weekly- whatever you choose can really make a difference in your life. I think we all could use someone holding our feet to the fire so we don't let life get in the way of our walk.  Our little Prayerful Bloggers community has started an accountability partner program. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, 1. Sign up to join Prayerful Bloggers here, 2. Sign up for the Accountability Partner Program here

I hope these tips help you! And please, if you have any that I haven't listed above, please feel free to comment with them below! Share the knowledge!  

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