So far, in Australia I have spent a lot of time sitting and waiting.
Sitting at bus stops, waiting on a ferry, staying at home 8-5 for a delivery that might take place the next couple days, or just waiting on Josh to get off work.  I have read A LOT.

I never leave the house without a book.  I can honestly say one of the best finds I have made so far is a library one block from our house.  I know I am a nerd, but  books are really expensive here, and a book can take you so many places, it can also help pass the time.

If you want a list of books so far, just ask.  I would love to share.  What is a book you would add to my list?  I am always looking for more books to read.

One book I have read is a Beth Moore book, When Godly People do Ungodly Things.  I am almost embarrassed to say, but this has been my first Beth Moore book.  I have really enjoyed it.

Being in a different country, I have thought about other times I have been out of The States.  This book combined with Steve Edelhuber, always asking us in Honduras, to talk about how we saw God during the day, has really gotten me thinking.

During the book, Moore talks about ways we can make our lives less likely to be attacked by Satan.  One of the ways she suggests is be thankful.  Look for things throughout your day that you are thankful for, and list them for God.  Tell him you are thankful.  Not in a long prayer that lasts forever and ever, but just throughout your day, kind of having a running conversation with God.  You could just pause throughout your day and tell God, "Hey, Thanks for that."

If you are always thanking God for the amazing things in your life, and even when it is bad, there is always something you can be thankful for, you spend your time looking at the world in a positive light.

In a world where we have #mancrushmonday, #MCM, #Womancrushwednesday, #WCW, #FBF, #Flashbackfriday, why can't we as Christians have #TT or #thankfulthursdays?  This could be a time where we tell the world what we are thankful for.  This can be something that you see that day, or something that you have thought about all week.

Your #TT, #ThankfulThursday post can be something simple, like a picture of a meal, or something more complicated.  The sky is honestly the limit on how much you can be thankful for.  Every Thursday you would just post on Instagram, twitter, and or Facebook a picture or quote of something you are thankful for.

Now, I am just one blog, that has around 100 readers.  Think if every reader started #TT, #Thankfulthursday and told their friends, churches, and shared blog on their Facebook wall, twitter feed, instagram.

We could start a revolution worldwide in no time.  Maybe this could help the world be a more positive place, and who doesn't want to live in a more positive place? 


In honor of my Mamma's birthday TODAY.
She is my first
#Thankfulthursday post.
What will yours be?


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