Journeying through seasons

Hey everyone! My name is Ann-Marie and I blog over at Miles To Go, a blog where transparency is key and the words flow straight from my heart to the keyboard. I am a faithful Jesus enthusiast, nursing student fueled by coffee, girlfriend, marathon runner, and amateur writer who believes that living transparent and vulnerably is the first step to loving what you have been blessed to have in life.

To show you a little bit about me and my story, I want to share the current mission in my life. 
I am all about the whole "what season of life are you in?" idea. Winter is a time for being still and reflection, spring is the time to plant the seeds and build roots, summer the time to tend them and renew their strength, and autumn is the time for harvesting and truly reaping in the benefits. 
(seasons idea was adapted from Lara Casey)

Now these seasons are not literal. You could be facing summer in the dead of december. It is based on where your heart is focused and where God is placing you. 

For me, I am in spring. I spent the winter contemplating and assessing my life and it's next goal. Now I am ready to plant the seeds and establish roots. What is the plant I am cultivating? 
I am determined to grow with my family and bring them closer to Christ. 
Oh man, I can just imagine the beauty this flower will grow into! 

A great way I have found to assess the season we are in is to ask these three questions: 

1. What do I feel pushed/called to do? 

2. What steps have I taken to become closer to this/ how far do I have to go?

3. What can I do to strongly support this plant I am tending to?

Once you have an idea you can spread the seeds and start planning your garden. 

Here is a little road map to how my seasons are playing out

Winter: Lots of reflection and prayer asking God what I should focus on. Be still and listen to what really sticks on your mind and what your heart truly feels called to. For me, it was to bring my family to church with me and introduce them to Jesus. I found myself aching more and more for this and knew that God wanted me to plant the seeds. 

Spring: Now was the time to hatch a game plan. I dug up soil, planted seeds, and pray that God has the roots forming. Consistently, I ask my family to attend church with me every sunday, attend a bible study, read books like Make it Happen or C.S Lewis. And most of all, I am very open to talking about my faith and answering any questions they have. 

*It is VERY important to pray and have faith during this step. Don't give up. Just because we can't see the roots, does not mean they are not there. God has a plan and He will fulfill it perfectly.*

Summer: I am not quite sure what summer will look like exactly, but I can imagine it will involve getting out the water can and tending to my little flower. Reinforce church going, bible reading, discussions, and then invite them to pray with me before mass or a meal. 

Autumn: It seems like a lifetime away, but autumn is coming and it is beautiful! My flower will bloom and I can't wait to see it. The Lord is good and I know He will bring my family home to Him.

The seasons of our lives and the plant we are growing is always changing according to where God wants us to be. That's one of the most exciting parts of life! We always have room to grow therefore our lives are always meaningful. God created a role for you to play in His kingdom that only you can play. He equipped uniquely you with the abilities you need to fulfill His purpose. 
Kind of an incredible and empowering thought?

I pray you find clarity and focus in whatever season you are in!
Thanks for reading and God bless!


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